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About us

Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association - LETERA - is an independent, voluntary and non-governmental public organization founded in 1995.

LETERA unites companies, research and educational institutions operating in Latvia, whose activities are related to Industry of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Information and Communications Technology.

LETERA is established in order to search for solution of different problems, which are common to several sectors of ITTE branch, supports cooperation with other branch associations in Latvia, as well as related organizations of foreign countries.

LETERA willingly consults Latvian government and administrative body so that in the most effective and practical methods it would be possible to establish in Latvia the legislation of European Union, as well as to express the propositions for supplementation of electrical engineering and electronics and related branch legislation.

LETERA wish to facilitate the development of education and science, the foundation of new enterprises, the economical and technical development of existent enterprises, to create favorable environment for innovations, which would stimulate to make new products with high added value.

The members of the association wish their job to move basing on the principles of free enterprise, fair competition and trade of Europe and the world, and the conditions would be fair and similar to all enterprises.