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Electrical engineering and electronics industry in 21st century has become one of the leading industries worldwide which implies high knowledge and capital intensity. Consumption markets of electronics are growing rapidly. 

Industry has long and significant history in Latvia. Nowadays it represents one of most essential and perspective manufacturing sectors because of the effect that the industry leaves on the export of high technology products. Statistical data of the last ten years reflects steady growth of the industry.

In 2015 production output exceeded the level of 2014 by 16,7%. Total turnover of the electrical engineering and electronics industry grew by almost 18,5%. The turnover from exported production increased by 19,3%, while revenues from sales in the domestic market - by 11,1%. The industry exported more than 90% of manufactured production. The main export market is other EU countries. In 2015 the export to EU  countries reached 64%. Production capacity utilization rate remains in 70% range, indicating that the industry still has a great growth potential in the future.

Production indexes of the industry

Production volume index, 2010 = 100  /  Production volume & Filled jobs, 4th quarter of 2011 = 100 

Sales of production, average in 12 months, 2011 = 100 /
Production exports by groups of countries, 2015

Changes in producer prices, December 2011 = 100 / Capacity utilization rate, % 


Source: Report on Economic Development of Latvia, Ministry of Economics, June 2016