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  • President of LEtERA Ilmārs Osmanis signs agreement with Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) for implementation of „Latvian Electric and Electronics industry cluster”, Agreement Nr.L-KAP-12-0002

  • Agreement for the project „Latvian Electric and Electronic industry cluster” (E&E industry cluster) implementation was one of 11 agreements which were signed on 12 September 2012 in LIAA between different national economy industry cluster directors. Agreement previse that in upcoming three years, 350 entrepreneur, research institutions, higher education institutions, nongovernmental organizations and municipalities will be involved in clusters and with a common driving force will develop new products, acquire new export markets un will engage industries in the future development of Latvian economy.
  • Total financing from the European Regional development fund program in the cluster program is 3,4 million till to year 2015; 298 000 are allocated for Latvian Electrical and electronic industry association. 

    Activities planned in the E&E cluster:
    1. Cluster coordination, planning of the common development plan, and facilitation of cooperation;
    2. Facilitation of export and marketing, specialization on international markets;
    3. Provision of labor for entrepreneurs in cluster, image development of the industry;
    4. Facilitation of research, development and innovation;
    5. Implementation of good practice in industries productivity improvement

    During the ceremonious agreement signing procedure, Daniels Pavļuts, Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia indicated “Nowadays innovations are not solely work of individual, but on a contrary, it is active cooperation between different areas, industries and entrepreneurs. Innovation is cooperation, not a result of disassociation. Cluster program facilitate very much needed cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs and the result of this cooperation will be seen in the level of competitiveness growth of our entrepreneurs and export. Cluster program is one of the “bricks” in our way to build a road for Latvian Economic breakthrough.”

    Andris Ozols, Director of LIAA pointed out “Hereafter entrepreneurs will not be asked to present documents which can be found through public registers (for example – Lursoft data base) and we will move to an electronic document exchange.”

    Experts who were representing LIAA expressed an opinion, that it is expected that Latvian entrepreneurs will establish as intensive and creative cooperation, as it is evident in leading worldwide clusters. As a result of successful cooperation, in upcoming years the level of awareness of the products and services of the entrepreneurs involved in the cluster will raise and the added value of it will reflect in Latvian economics.

    More information on cluster program can be found on LIAA web page.

    Information is prepared using materials prepared by LIAA for media use.