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  • Latvian electrical engineering and electronics industry association’s opinion on incorrect and misleading information published in the article on „Ir” magazine, web portal „Delfi” and „Apollo”

  • 13.07.2012

    In Riga

    Latvian electrical engineering and electronics industry association's (LEtERA) opinion on incorrect and misleading information published in the article on "Ir" magazine, web portal "Delfi" and "Apollo".

    On 12 July "Ir" magazine according to the information of their knowledge about the Study programs which the experts claims as being douptful, made a publication with a list of those study programs which according to the experts should need to be closed and as one of the mean tuned one was "...Riga Technical University - electronics (1st level professional study program)...".
    On the same date, web portal "Delfi" published an article referring on the information included in the article on "Ir" magazine that the experts agree on the need to close 55 study programs:

    "...Riga Technical University is suggested to close electronics and (...) study programs...". At the same time web portal "Apollo" publishes an information which claims that Riga Technical University has been given a negative valuation on the electronics study program.

    LEtERA as the representative of Electronics industry would like to make a remark that the information which was published on the news media is misleading and incorrect and makes damage for the companies of the electronics industry as far as the young electronic specialists are very much needed in the industry to develop successfully.

    The program which is advised to be closed in Riga Technical University is 1st level professional higher (college) study program in which the application process has been closed and which duplicates similar study program in Riga Technical College. The information published on the web portals of "Delfi" and "Apollo" leaves the space for interpretation that the expert advice can be applied to all of the electronics study programs.

    Association would like to emphases that the incorrect and misleading information which was published in news media can be only seen as a desire for cheap sensation which makes questionable their professionalism and ethics especially during the time when young people, future of the electronics industry, are choosing their study field and applying for studies.

    With this letter association demands to publish correct and up to date information.

    Riga Technical University offers academic and professional study porgrams in three levels - undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctoral study programs in Electronics where all the programs were evaluated during the evaluation process of the study project and all of them were recognized as being very good ones.

    This year there are 80 state funded study places in undergraduate program of Electronics and 30 state funded study places on postgraduate level.

    LEtERA encourages young people to choose to study Electronics study programs, provided by the Riga Technical University, as far as it is very perspective profession in Latvia and worldwide.

    President of the Latvian Electrical engineering and electronics association
    Ilmārs Osmanis