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  • On 14 February 2007 in the premises of Electronics and Telecommunication faculty in Riga Technical University (RTU) LEtERA opened Latvian Electronics equipment testing centre (LEITC).

    Ambitious LEITC project was realized by LEtERA, attracting Phare program and financing from the members of association. More than one million EUR is invested in the establishment of the centre.

    Goals for establishing LEITC is to promote new, competitive electronics and electrical product development in Latvia as well as engineering education and research development.

    LEITC is the only accredited EMC testing centre in Latvia, which provides full EMC monitoring test range and which certificates are recognized in the European Union Member states. In LEITC possession is most advanced equipment in the Baltic States – unique measurement camera with a working range up to 40GHz and high precision programming measuring equipment.

    EMC testing provided opportunities:
    - Eliminate errors of the product made during the stage of design and production;
    - Package testing services for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety in line with EU requirements. Each electronic device emits electromagnetic waves in the environment, thus creating potential damage and disruption, environmental electromagnetic radiation and other factors can affect performance and safety. LEITC has the equipment to measure radiation and interaction.
    - Testing done at the LEITC centre allows the manufacturer to judge the product with the CE marking requirements. This makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of Latvian producers in Europe, as well as allows to give advice to other producers.
    - Established lab allows consumers to make sure about the safety of the electronic equipment and compliance requirements.

    LEITC is following the latest world’s development in the field of EMC according to the electrical and electronics equipment testing in order to secure high quality service in qualitative product development and testing according to the EMC ISO / IEC 17025 quality standards.

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